Volunteer Agreement Handbook

Dear Volunteers/Chaperones/Visitors,

Welcome! Thank you for offering your time, we appreciate the energy our visitors and volunteers give to our district. We value the unique talents and resources parents and community members have and believe that those talents and resources enhance the education of the students at Hoosic Valley. Within our schools, we welcome visitors/volunteers/chaperones and we have many opportunities for parents and community members to volunteer their time. In addition to all the other benefits, volunteering gives parents and community members the opportunity to understand and appreciate the education experience Hoosic Valley children receive every day: Volunteer Agreement Handbook

Parent FAQs

Hoosic Valley partners with the Mechanicville Area Community Service Center to
provide parents with before and after school care.

Hoosic Valley has created a parent communication form to ease home-to-school
communication regarding your students’ absence, lateness, dismissal or pick-up
plans: Note To School

In understanding the scales we follow at the elementary level for measuring
standards, please refer to the report card rubric: Report Card Rubric

Please access the Elementary Parent/Student Handbook through
Parent Square in the files section.

Change of Address

It is important for reliable communication and transportation that the district
has accurate address and contact information for all of our students.
If families have moved since the beginning of the school year they should use
the Family Change of Address form to notify the appropriate school personnel of the change.

Thank you for your help in keeping our records updated

It is also important to notify the main office if the phone numbers or email addresses have changed.